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It is considered that this place qualifies as a Category I historic place. Machine shearing was introduced early at Benmore in though Galloway preceded them inwith the trial of Wolseley mechanical hand pieces. A heritage covenant was signed in the early s. In January Ronald McMurdo died as the result of being kicked in the chest by a colt. Some parts of Benmore were leased twice, in Canterbury and Otago, and it was Canterbury which gave the first licence for 50, acres applied for in April by Ronald McMurdo and Nelson brothers George and Edmund Hodgkinson. The central part of the building is an open shed, currently used for storage. At that time demolition and rebuilding in a new location were considered the only options to allow the survival of the structure. Campbell was a significant figure in both business and politics, and his involvement reveals a significant element in the history of pastoralism in Otago and Southland.

  • Ben More (1,m) Hillwalking Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park
  • Benmore Power Station
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  • Benmore is the South Island terminus of the HVDC The HVDC converter stations are on the west side of the.

    Ben More (1,m) Hillwalking Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park

    Benmore Station Complex. State Highway 83 (Twizel-Omarama Road) And Lake Ohau Road, Clearburn, Omarama. Benmore Station Complex.

    images ben more stations

    Benmore is a hydro station located in the Waitaki Valley, New Zealand.​ Benmore is the country’s second largest hydro station after Manapōuri.​ The Benmore power station is located on New Zealand’s largest manmade lake – Lake Benmore – and is New Zealand’s largest earth dam.
    The building is timber framed and clad with small bands of glazed windows on the north elevation.

    He hired mainly Scottish shepherds, imported seventy Saxon rams, and imported Australian merinos. Building a dam and a community In October the plan to build the Benmore power station was approved in conjunction with the Cook Strait Cable. They are constructed of stone with a corrugated iron lean-to. Benmore has special significance for its associations with a number of individuals and events. There are no windows on the south elevation.

    Benmore Power Station

    images ben more stations
    Ben more stations
    Jane Thomson, ed.

    The stables at Benmore are modest and included accommodation for the stablehand.

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    The tools, forge, bellows and anvil are still in situ. Benmore Station was one of the early sheds to adopt machine shearing and this is an important technology represented in the form of the Woolshed. During his exploration he traversed the land, using this sacred flame for making fire as he went; as the fires cooled, mounds of pale white ash were left in their place, which became the limestone features that are so prominent in the landscape of this region.

    Benmore Power Station started building in but power was not generated, Megawatts till The Benmore Power Station has six 90 Megawatt.

    Benmore Station TwizelOmarama Road (1) Once in a while w… Flickr

    Benmore Station, Omarama. likes · 12 were here. Local Business. Benmore Station, straddling the main highway near the Lake Ohau turnoff is one such farm.

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    Run by Bill and Andrew Sutherland and their.
    He was known as a tough but fair man with a legendary ability to count sheep, and a gift for reading the weather, the country and stock. Robert Pinney writes that the woolshed was destroyed but the sorting room was saved. According to architect and engineer Geoffrey Thornton the first Benmore Woolshed was built in with a timber frame clad in corrugated iron. McMurdo won and chose what would become known as Benmore.

    Benmore was one of the early inland North Otago Runs.

    Benmore Dam on the South Island New Zealand Travel Insider

    images ben more stations
    A homestead of sod was built in the mids or the early s.

    The Cottage is a simple single gable structure, rectangular in plan, with a veranda to the north elevation. With all the runs to oversee, much of the work in running the stations was done by managers. The long narrow building has a store at the rear with an open bay for implements.

    images ben more stations

    The house faces north.