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The French royal forces are more than a match for the armies in Normandy, but they also have enough fronts to deal with right now that they are unlikely to be able to drive them from the continent anytime soon. Kataphractoi - Very heavily armoured and equipped with a lance and mace, although somewhat outdated they are still formidable troops. Gothic Knights - Impressive looking heavy cavalry, well protected by armour for both rider and mount. Armoured Swordsmen Cannon - The typical 'cannon' is powerful and good against both units and defences. I'm having trouble making much money on easy.

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  • images best units medieval 2

    I agree with Shika_Stoner, even if you just look at base stats the list is huge and almost meaningless. Particularly if you're playing campaign or a period skirmish. 1 The Byzantine Empire; 2 Denmark; 3 Egypt; 4 England; 5 France; 6 The Holy Roman Empire; 7 Hungary; 8 Milan; 9 Moors; 10 Poland; 11 Portugal; 12 Russia​.

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    Best unit? Medieval2.

    Best missile unit (non gunpowder)

    My opinion is Scots Guard (high attack and defense), it's better than most heavy inf and 17 defense is a bit higher than the regular heavy.
    Heavy Pike Militia - Levied troops equipped with pikes and protected by heavy armour. Crossbow Militia - Crossbow Militia are peasant crossbowmen called up to defend settlements.

    Polish Knights. Re: Best missile unit non gunpowder Throw in some Byzantine Guard Archers as well - they seem pretty good.

    What are some of the best units in the game Medieval II Total War Answers for PC GameFAQs

    King Wladyslaw Crusader Knights - These experienced knights in heavy mail seek forgiveness of their sins by going on crusade.

    images best units medieval 2
    Best units medieval 2
    The retinue requires more work especially to armour indecently also I find as english spawning archers from a base I use nottingham means the appearance of the Forresters Guild pretty quickly which eventually gives you the fabled sherwood archers too.

    A good defensive tool able to fire singly or in a six-barrel barrage. Sherwood Archers.

    Medieval 2 Total War Heaven Sicily Gameplay Information

    Dismounted Druzhina. Dismounted Polish Knights Condottieri - Armed with a lance and plate armour these trained and experienced mercenaries are well known for their capricious ways. Imperial Knights. Buy M2TW from Amazon.

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    Heavy infantry Average score Ranking - Medieval II Total War - Grand Campaign.

    How to make lots of money in Medieval 2 Total War Arqade

    Byzantine infantry unit equipped with sword, shield and mail armour. 2.

    images best units medieval 2

    Thread: Best Units: In your opinion what are the best units in SS? EB, RTR-​PE ExRM, Imperator II(Here), RS, Rome Medieval, X.G.M., IBFD.
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    images best units medieval 2

    Originally Posted by Tuidjy. Portuguese Arquebusiers Peasant Archers - A peasant archer is armed with a small bow, and a knife. Fire Ship. Dismounted Gothic Knights Town Militia - Armed with a spear but little armour, these troops are made up of locals who have been organised to defend their town.

    Medieval II Total War review Very good

    Crossbow Militia Famiglia Ducale - Armoured in plate and wielding lances, these elite knights defend the Duke's honour.

    images best units medieval 2
    Capable of travelling across the ocean.

    Arab Cavalry - Light cavalry recruited from settled areas, and well suited to taking on archers, light infantry and other light cavalry. Chivalric Knights - Elite warriors clad in steel plate armour, these men pack a ferocious charge, while being hard to kill. Norman Knights - Exceptionally fierce knights, wearing heavy mail, and equipped with sturdy lances.

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    Wagon Fort Ballista - Resembling a giant crossbow, this powerful weapon can fling a javelin to a great range, skewering men with ease. Aventurier Sword and Buckler Men - Superior swordsmen wearing light armour and an open helmet, and armed with a double-edged sword and buckler.

    Each playable faction has access to a single "Hero" character.