images f1 carp rigs for silt

Sign up for a new account in our community. Fluoro hookbaits are most anglers go to when it comes to Winter. Posted January 22, edited. I also balance my tackle and use a fairly light size 10 Stay Fresh Hollow elastic and a puller kit, which still gives you the control to land everything I could hook on a snake lake. The picture above shows the best hook bait presentation on soft silt.

  • Go small for margin success
  • Simple and short!
  • Everything you need to know about fishing in silt
  • Ultimate silt rig presentation for carp

  • Go small for margin success

    Match Fishing catches up with MAP-backed star Tony Curd for a lesson in tackling Not only were the fish more settled over the silt, where they felt happy to stick to an mm hooklength, finished off with a size 18 B F1 hook – I set two. One thing I must say is that I am happy to fish on the soft silt during the winter. Both rigs use F1 Maggot floats in 4x14 and 4x12 sizes.

    images f1 carp rigs for silt

    My favourite hooks for. The best silt rig to use that is anti-tangle, and doesn't land in a mess. How to make the ultimate and best silt carp rig.
    Recommended Posts. Now I like fishing because it's the one thing I can think of that probably doesn't. I had this happen last week,when I was fishing on the deck-i'm pretty sure it was where I'd balled in the groundbait and the bream were having a rummage-but the bites slowed down,so I shallowed up and had quite a few carp about a foot and a half deep-so just keep experimenting mate.

    Simple and short!

    Thames Magic 1st July I believe the fish were taking it on the drop - but have never encountered this before. Head and shouldering: Fish that are feeding deeply in silt often get large amounts of silt trapped in their gill rakers. Winter Winners!

    images f1 carp rigs for silt
    I feel the bait choices you make when fishing in these conditions is a very important one to get right and the last thing I ever want is something that magnifies the need for the fish to disturb the bottom any more than is necessary so baits like maggots are out of my approach.

    Author, former British record holder and all-round nice man Oz Holness details some monumental captures, the drive and passion that he has and his new role in the angling trade. With fewer anglers fishing in the silt, this means less get caught there so they feed with greater confidence. A largeish solid PVA bag filled with whatever you want, use as light a weight as you can get away with for fishing the distance you need yards?!!

    One system that is perfectly suited is the helicopter set-up, as this allows the hooklink to slide up the leader to the top bead out of the way of the soft bottom.

    With the majority of carp anglers favouring fishing over harder clay, you might be asking: what are the advantages of fishing over silt instead?

    If you're just fishing for carp you could increase the percentage of the Halibut You must kill the maggots first or they will crawl into the silt! the Method, especially for F1 carp and small to medium-sized mirrors and commons.


    One area of my fishing I've put a lot of thought into recently is margin fishing. I do this by grabbing some silt or clay from the margins either with a pole cup or.
    How To Hot tips with Rob Burgess for winter bites.

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    Video: F1 carp rigs for silt Soft Bottom Rigs with James Armstrong - Team Korda

    My thinking is that a pile of bright, obvious groundbait will spook some fish, so much like we do on rivers in winter I try to match the colour of my bait to the lake bottom. It's easy!

    Everything you need to know about fishing in silt

    In terms of hookbaits, both pop-ups and bottom baits can be used in this situation and it is totally down to personal choice as to which one you use.

    Buoyant Hook Bait Carp Rig.

    images f1 carp rigs for silt

    However, if the silt is really thick, I will use as lighter lead as I can get away with.

    images f1 carp rigs for silt
    F1 carp rigs for silt
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    Ultimate silt rig presentation for carp

    Bad silt When using the marker it is very easy to differentiate between more and less pleasant types of silt. The lead weight dives into the silt, but as the hook link hits the bottom, the pressure from the silt allows it to travel upwards so it remains nicely flat on the top of the silt. These are the areas you need to try and avoid and keep looking until you can find some cleaner silt.

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