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Today, Sensei Measara is based in Germany. When these two come together then Isshin-ryu is born. In the late 's Kyan moved to the village of Kadena due to personal and financial problems. This form introduces many recurring concepts used in higher level Seibukan Shorin-Ryu kata. Style of karate. I trained with Kawasaki-sensei, who was a very patient teacher, and brought me into his Tenshin-Juku family.

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  • Shorin-ryu Seibukan also known as Sukunaihayashi, is one of the many Okinawan Shorin-ryu styles of karate. Contents.

    Seibukan lineage Burnside Karate

    1 History; 2 Katas of Seibukan. Fukyugata Ichi; Fukyugata Ni; Seisan; Ananku; Wansu. The karate kata Seisan (十三) literally means '13'. Some people refer to the kata as '13 Hands', The version of Seisan taught in the Seibukan Shorin-Ryū syllabus can be traced back to Sōkon 'Bushi' Matsumura (a highly influential teacher to.

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    Sensei spark David performing seisan kata in word karate tournament in Okinawa, Japan SPARK Martial Arts Academy SHORIN-RYU SEIBUKAN.
    On last count, there were around dojo on the island, most of them concentrated in Naha and the surrounding areas. The movements of Wanchin kata demonstrate many of these types of techniques, taken from Passai, Seisan, Gojushiho, and Kusanku. The series of movements and bunkai in this kata contain catching and throwing techniques.

    images seibukan karate seisan

    Skip to content. Early in his career as a karate teacher Shimabukuro Sensei had no Dojo training hall. Seibukan karate-do was founded in by Zenryo Shimabukuro — Fukyugata Ichi really is the basic Heian Shodan that we practice in Shotokan.

    images seibukan karate seisan
    Seibukan karate seisan
    But, if you wanted to seek out a legitimate old school ryu, like in my case, you can contact the Okinawan Traditional Karate and Kobudo Bureau.

    images seibukan karate seisan

    It is assumed that it was the only weapon kata that he had formally learned. Miguel, who runs the bureau, will contact a suitable school, and arrange for you to meet and train with the various karate and kobudo sensei around the island.

    From several sources it is claimed that Ananku is Taiwanese in origin, and that Master Kyan brought it from Taiwan to Okinawa.

    Ippon Kumite Seibukan Karate of Hattiesburg

    Okinawa is not Japan. These topknots were very easy to grab, and an excellent way to gain control of an opponent.


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    Book your free lesson. BOOK NOW! SELF DEFENCE - PATIENCE - RESPECT - FITNESS - CONFIDENCE - INNER. Small of stature, karate master Chotoku Kyan developed a form of karate so of the Seibukan; The kata of Chotohu Kyan; Passai, Chinto, Kusanku, Seisan.

    seibukan – DOJOUNLIMITED

    karate's famous masters of that time period, may of resulted in Ananko being son of Zenryo Shimabukuro () the founder of ShorinRyu Seibukan karate. review of Ananku kata shows that the movements came directly from Seisan.
    This kata contains long distance techniques like rensoku tsuki geri, which are representative of the shuri-te style. Seisan is thought to be one of the oldest kata, being quite spread among other Nahate schools. It contains techniques performed under full tension through the range of motion, as well as strong fast techniques.

    There is some etiquette yo be observed though, which he can help you with.

    Seisan Kata ( 型 ) Karatedo Preschool

    Some stances focus more on mobility than stability, and vice versa.

    images seibukan karate seisan
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    Every morning Kyan was asked to perform specific exercises by his grandfather, who had a very discerning eye and required nothing less than perfection.

    images seibukan karate seisan

    Master Raja Thomas:. It was assumed that Seisan was the first kata taught to him by the great master Matsumura, and due to the age differences, was learned by Master Kyan at a tender age.

    Skip to content. It attracts everyone from the surrounding islands, even from back in the day. Chosin Chibana is credited with teaching this powerful kata to Chozo Nakama. Seibukan practioners also go low into shiko-dachi whenever they block, at an angle mind you, then twist their hips and knees simultaneously as they shift their bodyweight forward to transfer power into their strikes.